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Master Sales Trainer
Ron Vaimberg
Ron Vaimberg is recognized as one of the most requested, in-demand mortgage trainers and coach in the industry. He is the driving force behind a number of the nation’s top producing loan officers. Ron has delivered over 2000+ presentations for mortgage corporations, industry associations, and private coaching clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Ron's claim to fame is his exclusive "3 Hour Refund Guarantee".  Ron guarantees that he will deliver to you more actionable strategies that you can easily implement to grow your business in just 3 hours, than any other trainer will deliver in an entire 1, 2 or 3 day program.   
  •  A thirty-four-year industry veteran originator, trainer and coach.
  •  Delivered 2000+ live training events
  •  Personally conducted 5000+ one on one coaching calls.
  •  Increased client production in excess of 6 billion dollars.
  •  Industry leader in client purchase origination growth and development.
  •  The master at no cost / low cost success strategies.
  • Are Fed-Up with using gimmicks that just don't work.
  • Need more quality agent relationships.
  • Are frustrated by not being able to get the attention of agents.
  • Don't know how to overcome when an agent says “I have an existing lender”.
  • Have limited experience generating purchase business from agents.
  • Are tired of being the lender of last resort.
  • Fearful of what to say to top producing agents .
I Am FED-UP with the Nonsense of Other Trainers
There is a reason that out of over 100,000 loan officers currently in the mortgage business, a rare few actually succeed at a high level in the purchase market.

The Reason:  All too often many loan officers are fooled into believing that there is a silver bullet program or system that makes it so that you don't have to do much of anything.  Charlatan speakers, trainers, and product developers lure unsuspecting loan officers into parting with their hard earned money with the promise of instant and easy success.  This needs to STOP!

There is no shortage of mortgage events and conferences that promote these false promises.  In fact, there are more programs being conducted in the industry today than ever before.  This means more unsuspecting originators are parting with their money.  UNFORTUNATELY the lure of easy success and no work often overpowers common sense.

For many years I stayed in my own world of training and coaching top loan officers, real estate agents, and account executives.  I have built and amazing business and I have the pleasure of personally working with loan officers at all levels, from just getting started, all the way to top 1% originators.  (Let me be clear, "I" personally work with my clients.  I don't push clients off to so-called coaches who know little more than how to deliver a one size fits all nonsense coaching plan) 

Being focused on the mastery of my own business, I never opened my mouth about the nonsense tactics being hocked to unsuspecting originators in the industry.  That is until now.  Why now??? BECAUSE I AM FED-UP with loan officers being ripped off and taken advantage of.

I am fed-up with those who lure you into believing they will actually provide you real tools to succeed, only to tell you that you must buy their product to be successful.  Here is the bottom line...You WILL ONLY SUCCEED WHEN YOU have the right positioning in your message, you know exactly how to deliver it, and then you can HANDLE EVERY OBJECTION an agent will throw at you.  Unless you know what to say in every situation, you don't ever stand a chance of being YOUR BEST!  It take a lot more than all that "fluff" to gain the attention of an agent, and then win their business.

When I was originating, I too listened to the speakers who touted the magic pill to success.  It led me to one place and one place only, that place is "almost broke". Only when I learned, and more importantly, mastered the skills, strategies, scripts, and rebuttals, that I present at Agent Relationship Sales Lab did my life change.  Yours will too when you attend.

Agent Relationship Sales Lab is like no other event.  When you are working with myself and an elite group of highly motivated and focused originators, you are assured of learning and mastering what really works in the market today.  No games, no nonsense, no endless product pitches...just hard charging learning and practice that creates mastery.  If you want to succeed at the highest level, then don't dabble in trying, immerse yourself in the skills of mastery.

Every script, every rebuttal to agent challenges, and every positioning statement you need to compete and excel against your competition, I will share with you.  Every sales and marketing question you have, I will answer for you.  Together, we will ensure that you master everything you need to return to the field so you can blow-away your competition.

I know I am making bold statements, but I back them up with my exclusive "3-Hour Refund Guarantee".  My promise to you is that I will share with you more actionable success strategies in our first 3 hours together than you have ever received in total from any other single or multi-day program you ever attended.  If you don't feel that I have delivered on my promise by lunch time on day one, simply come to me at the break, hand me your book, and I will refund your money.

I hope you will elect to be one of only 30 originators to join me.  If you want to ask me any questions about ARSL, simply call me at 866-360-6645, or email me directly at

To your boundless success,

Years Training & Coaching
Client Production Increase
Attendees & Clients
Years Training
Production Increase
Attendees & Clients
Agent Relationship Sales Lab Event Schedule for 
January 31st & February 1st
 Day 1: 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM
 Day 2: 8:00AM – 12:00PM
Taking Place at the Westin Hotel - LAX 
9:30AM – 10:15AM
The Secrets to Influencing and Winning Relationships
There are simple but highly effective principles to persuasion. Understanding the foundational secrets to controlling any conversation, overcoming objections, and persuading agents to say “yes” to you, is essential for your success.
10:15AM – 10:45PM:
Leveraging the Mindset and Market Reality of Agents
With the slowing housing market, more and more loan officers are targeting real estate agents. Only when you understand how to leverage agent mindset, will you succeed at the highest level.
10:45AM – 11:15AM:
How to Qualify and Target the Best Agents for Your Business
In this session you will learn exactly how to identify, locate, research and target the right agents for you to be working with.
11:30AM -1:00PM
Creating Your Unique Positioning and Creating Agent Awareness of YOU
Knowing how you can gain the attention and a response from agents is critical. In this session Ron will create your special positioning exclusive to you so your message will stand out against your competition.
2:00PM – 3:15PM
Breaking Through Agent Barriers and Blow-offs
Never again will you allow an agent to get rid of you by saying “I already have someone I work with” or “We have an in-house lender”. Master our magic words to break through this barrier and get the face to face appointment
3:15PM – 3:45PM
The Secrets the Most Powerful Communicators Utilize to Gain Trust
There are strategies that the most influential communicators use to instantly gain agent trust. In this segment you will learn these strategies and know exactly how to implement them.
4:00PM – 5:45PM:
The Ultimate Agent Presentation: Part 1 - Finding Great Leverage to Win the Relationship
You win great agent relationships when you know exactly what to say in your meeting. The only way you will know what to say, is when you first know ALL the right questions to ask.
6:00PM – 7:00PM
The Ultimate Agent Presentation: Part 2 – Stop Leaving Money and Relationships on the Table
Once you get your questions answered by the agent, then knowing how to deliver your value proposition and move your relationship forward is the difference between relationship success and failure. In this final segment you will be assured that you will never again leave a meeting without knowing your exact next step to take.
8:00AM – 9:45AM
Implementation & Q&A
The second day of the Agent Sales Lab is dedicated to your mastery and implementation of the principle presented from the first day. Here any remaining questions are answered, and you work directly with Ron on ensuring your comprehension of the Ultimate Agent Presentation
10:00AM – 12:00PM
Presentation Mastery
All of the pieces are in place for you to execute. In this final segment of the program you will practice and perfect your skills. We will run through every objection and every scenario and make sure you are proficient in using them. This is where you master everything you need to ensure that when you return home., you don’t need to think about anything, you only need to take action!
$1,497.00 NOW ONLY $997
Payment Options Available
Registration Ends Monday  January 28th
From Others Just Like You

Bill Roland

Top 1% Originator 5 Years in a Row 

“Working with Ron as my personal success coach, I closed 98 loans, with out an assistant. Already I am headed for another increase of 22% by consistently implementing what I have learned”. 

Brian Skaar

Branch Manager

“Since attending Ron’s event last year, myself and one team member closed 89 million. Ron makes things so easy to implement, and his ideas work exactly the way he says they will”.

Brian Cooke

Director of Retail Lending

“Ron has the ability to see things in people and their business, show them how to immediately leverage it for massive personal and business growth. Today because of Ron’s coaching, I have my dream and the ability to build my business the way I want”.

Peggi Sahota

Loan Officer

“My purchase business has never been better since attending Ron's event in San Francisco. Winning great agent relationships is so much easier using Ron’s simple system for connecting with agents.”

Mandy Gagnon

Loan Officer

“Ron has transformed the way I look at my business growth and how I approach each day towards building a 100% purchase referral business. As well as I have done in my career, I am now heading to an entirely new level that is clearer and more real than it has ever been.”

Dorelle Peters

Broker / Owner

”The strategies and guidance I learned at Ron's progra, and then coaching with Ron, are empowering me to not only rapidly build my purchase business, but simultaneously become a better owner and company leader. The best part is I am keeping balance in my personal life along the way.”
$1497 Now Only $997 
(payment options available)
Registration Ends January 28th
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